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DAGRI Laboratorio di ricerca AGRISMARTLAB

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  • Regional digital platforms for applying precision agriculture techniques

According to the most recent indications at European level, research activities aim to build innovative regional systems to promote digital platforms for the purpose of an effective, proficiency and inclusive application of precision agriculture, sustainability-oriented, quality and farms competitiveness oriented.

The first project realized and promoted by Regione Toscana (project ONESMART) represents an important starting point for the achievement of the above-mentioned research goals, namely: apply innovation in mechanization, pest management, sustainable use of water and soil, farming innovative technique, and biodiversity safety and growth.

  • Digitalization and connectivity for monitoring farming processes

The set of all technological solutions developed and transferred in research Agrismart Lab activities represent an innovative tool to realize a new framework of crop management system, to gain a more effective, sustainable and efficient process. The modern management flows make use of geomatics, monitoring systems, modelling, automation and traceability.

  • Strategies for introduction of innovations in agriculture (Farming 4.0)

Precision Agriculture is a world of technologies and techniques, which integrate into the complexity of microclimate factors, pedological, biological and managerial that are part of farming, forest and rural production. The Agrismart Lab aims to realize strategies in order to introduce innovation in farming processes, generally characterized by a deep level of technological backwardness.

This fourth revolution in agriculture in the age of SmartFactory and Industry 4.0, is called Farming 4.0.

  • Transfer and development of technologies for sustainable management of agricultural productions.

The adoption of environmentally friendly techniques requires the use of technological solutions that can reduce the inputs in agriculture. The sustainable use of pesticide products and the need of a renewed integrated knowledge system and agricultural sector management, towards new approaches of precision agriculture, has become effective with the seventh EU Programme Framework: the RHEA project. The Lab has developed a variable rate sprayer for pesticide treatment. This technology achieves a reduction of 50% per hectare in the quantity of product.

  • Solutions for a safe use of farm machinery

The agricultural field seems characterized by a high level of risk for operators, due to the complex condition of obsolescence of farm machinery. The Lab has a long experience in the research of optimal solutions to grant operators safety in agricultural machinery adoption. It is also ever involved in promoting and spreading activity for what concerns health and safety of operators.

  • Small-scale Mechanization

The research team of Agrismart Lab has carried out research on small-scale mechanization and family farm since 1984; 6 patents registered; the most relevant projects were the Candia Project (1995) and the Marte+ Project (2013).

last update: 03-Apr-2019
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