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DAGRI Laboratorio di ricerca AGRISMARTLAB


foto 1. esempio di mappa di vigoria (3 zone) su vigneto

AgriSmart Lab (accredited in the regional 4.0. industry platform), related to the Department of  Agricultural, Food Environment and Forestry of University of Florence, deals with new technologies development and methods for the reduction of the environmental impact and soil protection improvement, in the agricultural productions area, with particular focus on precision viticulture and olive-growing.

The innovative technology network, continuously improving, expects a first step of setting up and testing of prototypes able to reach predetermined goals. For a better effectiveness of productive factors, many new prototypes follow the innovative automation approach, by which lot of agricultural interventions are carried out at variable rate. This aspect determines the possibility to operate in a precise and direct way, by diversifying the conditions of use of the same operation according to different characteristics and needs of a specific crop.

The most relevant activity consists in surveys and monitoring crops, in order to obtain analytics and digital data, which will give fundamental information for choosing the right action strategy, used in many field operations. Between multiple surveys, we can mention peculiarly the remote-sensing, intended as a set of techniques, tools and facilities that could give qualitative and quantitative information of objects placed at distance and consequentially of the surrounding environment.

All the collected data are used to build and to elaborate a prescription map, an important tool for variable rate interventions.  For Example, in that way, the distribution of pesticide mixture will not be the same for all plots, but it will comply the different characteristics provided by the vigor mapping. Finally yet importantly, the research phase of new safety equipment and ongoing training of the specialized personnel, regarding the best practices in safety at work.

All work carried out by the research team aims at promoting dissemination of the greatest number of innovative information for all stakeholders in the area.

foto 2. rilievo georeferenziato dell'indice di vigoria e del volume fogliare in vigneto foto 3. prime prove di trattemento con drone (cartine idrosensibili e fluorescina) in aree marginali
last update: 18-Apr-2019
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