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DAGRI Laboratorio di ricerca AGRISMARTLAB


The Agrismart Lab of the University of Florence – School of Agriculture (Unifi) develops scientific research and technological transfer to companies, as well as educational and training activities in agricultural, food production and forestry sectors.

Detailed description of the laboratory’s activities are set out in the declaration (30th October 2015) of the Ministry for Instruction, University and Research (MIUR), related to the macro-area of agricultural engineering, forest and biosystems:

“The area concerns scientific and educational-training activity in the engineering field peculiar to agricultural, forestry and biology systems (biomedical application excluded) [omissis] of Mechanic: agricultural machinery and agricultural and forestry automation, biosystems engineering, agricultural, zootechnical and forestry biosystems, agri-food and wood industry with regard to: design, constructive, operational, functional, managerial, environmental, safety and  operators' wealth aspects; it also includes information technologies, sensors, automation, robotics, precision management and processes modelling; planning of agricultural, agro-food production and forest supply chains; mechanical-physical management and soil properties; machinery and equipment for wastewater, agro-industrial by-products and forestry’s treatment and recovery for energy  production, conversion, use and saving for  agro-industrial and forestry production systems, non-conventional energy sources included”.

foto. prove in frutteto irroratrice adaptive a rateo variabile (evoluzione progetto EU RHEA)

foto 2. Telemetria trattamento

foto 3. Cruscotto Agros aziendale 


last update: 03-Apr-2019
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